Indian Cowboy

Indian Cowboy

Indian Cowboy
Written and performed by Zaraawar Mistry
Performed by candlelight
Created in collaboration with Kathleen Sullivan
Recorded score composed and performed by Keith Lee
Photo: Ann Marsden

Minnesota Public Radio profile of Zaraawar Mistry by Marianne Combs

Zaraawar Mistry's Indian Cowboy premiered at Mixed Blood Theater in 2006. It has been performed at Dreamland Arts, at Stages Repertory Theatre in Houston and at Asia Society in New York. The play has been published in Asian American Plays for a New Generation.

Indian Cowboy, is a stranger in a strange land story. It tells the adventures of a young man from India who comes to America looking to make a new life. Found as an infant by the side of the road by three Parsi brothers, his own heritage is uncertain. And though he travels around America and even back to India, no place really ever feels like home. Mistry’s fictional tale, which traces the often humorous steps and missteps of one immigrant's experience in America, is a universal story of an individual looking for a place in the world.

The Parsis are Zoroastrians who emigrated to India from Iran in the 10th century.

Age Recommendation: 13+
Run time: 80 minutes. No intermission.

Indian Cowboy is the second play of The Sugar in the Milk Trilogy, a series of solo plays written and performed by Zaraawar Mistry. The three plays in the series are Sohrab and Rustum (2002), Indian Cowboy (2006), and The Other Mr. Gandhi (2012).

About the title of the Trilogy: Listen to Zaraawar's telling of The Sugar in the Milk story, from his collection of Children's Stories from India.

The original productions of Indian Cowboy at Mixed Blood Theater and at Asia Society were made possible by the generous support of The Jerome Foundation, the Oswald Family Foundation, and many individual donors. Thank you.


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