A Tale of Dreams

A Tale of Dreams

Maliya Gorman-Carter and Karen Townsend

A Tale of Dreams
Fairies, magic and moments of absurdity. Storytelling with music and circus.
Duration: 45-60 minutes. No intermission.

About the Artists:
Maliya Gorman-Carter always wanted to live in a flower. Her curiosity and love of play led to exploring songs, movement, story and circus performance. Maliya studied theater at the University of Minnesota and travelled throughout South America studying various styles of music and dance. In Brazil she became enchanted with aerial fabric which she continued to study in Minneapolis. Her love of flying led her to Boulder and Chicago where she explored and discovered great pleasure in juggling, tightwire and mime. There is so much magic. She is thankful.

Photo: Nancy Behall Photography


PARKING: Dreamland Arts is in a residential neighborhood. Please respect the quiet and privacy of our neighbors and park on Hamline Ave. There is free parking on the street right in front of the theater.