Music for Pieces of Wood...and Metal

Music for Pieces of Wood...and Metal

The Antithesis Project presents a concert featuring the music of Steve Reich, Don Freund, and Louis Andriessen, as well as local composers Joshua Clausen, Brett Wartchow, and Daniel Nass.

The Antithesis Project is a Twin Cities, MN-based chamber music collective comprised of classically trained musicians, all of whom have advanced degrees in music, who have an interest in presenting this genre in a new, exciting, and accessible way to a variety of audiences and venues. They utilize non-traditional concert formats, the incorporation of a variety of musical genres, and interactive discourse to fuel their self-titled "un-classical" movement.

Run Time: 75-90 minutes, with intermission.
Ages: All ages.

The name Antithesis comes from a very specific definition of the word: "the coming together of two contrasting ideas to produce an effect of balance." These two opposing forces are the musicians' classical, structured educations in music, and their new approach to presenting concerts. The Antithesis Project's mission is to create a relaxed, interactive atmosphere, making its members more accessible than your average formal classical music ensemble. While The Antithesis Project may not be the only experimental ensemble in the chamber music world, they are eager to be an integral part of the changing course classical and other musical genres must take to maintain an essential significance in 21st Century culture and society.


PARKING: Dreamland Arts is in a residential neighborhood. Please respect the quiet and privacy of our neighbors and park on Hamline Ave. There is free parking on the street right in front of the theater.