Love Beyond Reach - A Trilogy

Love Beyond Reach - A Trilogy

Freshwater Pearls Puppetry presents a puppet show for the heart ~ three stories, each driven by seemingly unattainable love.

The Snowman's Wish: Based on a Hans Christian Andersen tale, The Snowman's Wish tells the story of a snowman who falls hopelessly in love with a pot-bellied stove. With rod puppets, shadow puppets, and live music.

Lac du Cygnes et les Poissons D'Or (Goldfish Swan Lake): A humble goldfish pursues her fondest aspiration: to become a ballerina. A short film featuring shadow puppets and live, trained goldfish.

The Ballad of Sticky Bun: A romantic mouse discovers that, while love is sweet, it can get a little sticky. With shadow puppets, live music, and country sangin' (singing).

The performance will be followed by a sneak preview of upcoming co-productions by Freshwater Pearls Puppetry and Smart Small Fry, along with a short talk about Smart Small Fry's fish training initiative.

Note: Love Beyond Reach is a quiet show with mature emotional content. It is not recommended for children under age 8. Visit the website: Love Beyond Reach


PARKING: Dreamland Arts is in a residential neighborhood. Please respect the quiet and privacy of our neighbors and park on Hamline Ave. There is free parking on the street right in front of the theater.