Wadaiko Tokara presents

Wadaiko Tokara presents "Kazakoshi"

Donations will be taken at the door. A donation of $15 gets you a copy of Art Lee's newest CD.

Taiko Workshop: Sat, Mar 30 at 10:00 a.m. For details click here.

Run Time: 90 minutes.
Intermission: Yes
Age Recommendation: Ages 7+
Questions: Email

Internationally renowned taiko drumming group, Wadaiko Tokara from Japan introduces an all new concert called "Kazakoshi (Mountain Wind)", a new production touring 12 countries throughout the world for two years celebrating Wadaiko Artist Art Lee’s 20th Anniversary in 2013, and Wadaiko Tokara’s 10th Anniversary in 2014.

“Kazakoshi” is the mountain wind which flows across the mountaintop of Mt. Fuetsu, bringing a billowing mist into the Inadani valley from which we gather our strength and determination to share throughout the world. Not simply a taiko performance, “Kazakoshi” is an expression of the powerfully flowing, yet jazzy style of performance for which Tokara has become known.

Art Lee, Artistic Director of Wadaiko Tokara, is renowned as one of the leading taiko artists of our generation. He is the first and still the only person in the world to be awarded an unsponsored artist visa by the Japanese government to live in Japan as a professional taiko performer, teacher and composer. He is also the only non-Japanese person in history to ever win Odaiko Grand Champion at the most renowned taiko competition in the world - the Tokyo International Taiko Competition.


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